Meet the Project Team

  • Margarita Sweeney-Baird

    Margarita is the founder and driving force behind this project. A former Scottish ladies champion and skating coach in the UK, she originally took a year-long sabbatical from her distinguished legal career to mastermind this project.  Originally Margarita undertook to build an international team of experts to develop the ideas and deliver a full and detailed plan to the ISU who would then apply to the IPC for paralympic recognition. The ISU failed to do this. Inclusive Skating continued nonetheless and has now developed into an independent movement with world rankings and international events and national championships.

  • Bryan Morrice

    Bryan was Chairman of Sk8scotland from 2004 until his retirement. Prior to this he was a Board Director and Vice Chairman of NISA, the UK Governing Body. For 15 years he was also the editor and producer of Ice Link, the official newspaper of NISA until it was discontinued in 2008. Bryan himself has a minor disability, missing his right hand from birth, but this has not prevented him from enjoying his chosen sport – ice dancing. He has long been a champion of opportunity for disability skating. Bryan was a key driver in the coordinating the marketing and communications aspects of this project, including the development of the website. Bryan has since retired but Inclusive Skating will always be grateful to Bryan for his contributions to our development.

  • Karen Titmus

    Karen is a Mum and an enthusiast who lives in Cambridgeshire. She is involved on this project with the aim of promoting and encouraging Ice Skating for Special Olympic athletes in the UK.

    Over the years, Karen has gained knowledge of several special needs. Her son Calum, who started on the Learn to Skate UK programme in February 2010, has learning difficulties as well as being on the Autistic Spectrum.

    She is an active member of the North West Cambridgeshire Special Olympic group.

    She says:

    “I believe in supporting anyone who is striving to achieve something and to try and help them to achieve their potential. Life is full of challenges and you can overcome them.”

    She believes there is more than one way to teach something, “I taught Calum subtraction by using crisps. He learnt very quickly!”

    “I have a limited skating knowledge, but along with Calum, I am learning something new every week.”

  • Alison Sargent

    Alison is a lawyer and one of the Inclusive Skating Charity Trustees. Mum to Cameron, who is currently ranked 2 in the Inclusive Skating World Rankings. Alison is  a key member of the Organising Committee for Inclusive Skating events.

  • Susan Williams

    Susan is the newest of the Inclusive Skating Charity Trustees. Susan is a superb administrator and is  a key member of the Organising Committee for Inclusive Skating events.

  • Noel Grimshaw

    Noel coached in Edinburgh for 15yrs, is a former ISU International Referee and internationally known judge who served on the judging panel at the first ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships. A past UK Association Technical Director, he is currently Vice Chair of the Synchro Technical Committee.

    A Local Authority Sports Development Officer for over 25 yrs, Noel will focus on the potential for Synchronized Skating as a Paralympic event.

  • Liz Cain

    Liz is a former four-time Australian Champion Pair Skater, World Junior Bronze medalist and competed with her brother Peter in the 1980 Olympics. She tragically lost her leg in the Sydney Harbour boating accident in 2007.  Liz is currently a professional ice skating coach despite having to now use a prosthetic leg. Liz is based in Australia so has not been able to get involved in activities in Britain but we hope to have events in Australia in the future!

  • Nicky Slater

    Nicky is a former Olympic skater and European Bronze medallist in ice dancing with his partner Karen Barber. Nowadays he is a well known celebrity in ice skating and is better known for having judged on Dancing on Ice and providing the commentary for Eurosport. Nicky has been commissioned to provide a ‘musical theme’ for the project.

  • Perry O'Connor

    An adult skater, Perry has skated under both ISU and ISI organizations, (she started skating many years ago in New York under the USFSA Learn to Skate Programme) and competed in SkateAsia twice while living in the Middle East. Her husband and three children also all skate and have taken part as a family in numerous shows and events in the Middle East. Back home in Ireland, she is a a judge for the ISAI.

    Perry is leading the impaired skating project in Ireland with great success as Ireland has already included the Rondinelli scale in its test rules and an impaired skater has already used the bonus in a national ice skating test. As a parent of an impaired skater, Perry understands firsthand the difficulties and restrictions imposed on impaired skaters skating without the Inclusive Skating marking system.

  • Ann Stokes

    Ann Stokes has a passion for the sport and has been involved with skating for many years. Ann has helped in the development of the Time Capsule Inclusive Skating Club and is an Assistant Coach with Special Olympics GB and the team going to the World Winter Games.

    Ann is proficient in British Sign Language and incorporates 2 of her passions together, ice skating, and deaf communication.